Best Foot Forward

Pondering around the idea studio today the phrase “best foot forward”. It’s different for each of us, I believe. What may be an easy thing for some is a challenge for others. But this “best foot” phrase doesn’t qualify what that best foot is, your supposed to know that and just says go forward with it. SO… in your ministry area where do you need to PUT your best foot forward? What are the BEST things you know you should excel at? God calls all of us to be the best at what HE calls us to be. Be a good one. PUT that foot forward in changing programming, in asking someone to volunteer. Big ask for your senior pastor? PUT your best foot forward. Forward is a motion. It’s moving on. Maybe just a baby step, but you’ve started. The Bible is filled with everyday people who decided to place their faith in God and put their BEST foot forward knowing God would show up. Abraham, Moses, Caleb, Esther,Paul…
We all get stuck from time to time. But getting UNstuck in sometimes just a step in the right direction. Now go put your BEST foot forward.

Author: Misty

Orange Specialist and Coach to help leaders think and WIN in strategic ministry. Love to stir the pot and remind leaders and volunteers that what they do is VALUABLE and eternal. Ministry is ALWAYS morphing to present the timeless Message. If not, your stuck!

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  1. Hey Misty, great seeing all God is doing in and through you to reach families for His Kingdom, well done. Looking forward to hearing all God continues to do in your community. rcok n roll…dustin aagaard

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