The Currency of Ministry

Sitting around the idea studio table with you today I want to think about currency. We all use it in ministry. No… we’re not handing out pictures of George Washington to volunteers.

Some might think that if your area of ministry has flow like the military- you must have great currency. Being administratively organized is a side issue. Currency is a beautiful thing between leadership and volunteers. It’s built on trust, investment and yield.

High Yield #1: Leaders invest in their volunteers. Together they identify strengths and weaknesses in the serve to make it best suited for that volunteer. When you do that, expect a high yield. Expect your volunteers to be energized because they are serving in their gifting. They want to do more. They bring ideas to improve.

High Yield #2: When you take time to show appreciation to those serving, it is again like currency. Sincere gratitude and value shown to people is an investment you don’t want to ignore. You are adding value and can expect trust to grow long term. Don’t neglect the power of gratitude in the currency of ministry.

High Yield #3 Involving your team in seeking solutions to challenges in children’s ministry invests in volunteers. They are part of a team that is making an impact. We all want to make a difference. Volunteers are a goldmine of ideas that are great. They have the advantage of being on the frontlines. They see what leaders sometimes can’t. Use that currency as much as you can.

Leading a team is that of investment. How’s your portfolio?

Author: Misty

Orange Specialist and Coach to help leaders think and WIN in strategic ministry. Love to stir the pot and remind leaders and volunteers that what they do is VALUABLE and eternal. Ministry is ALWAYS morphing to present the timeless Message. If not, your stuck!

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