Peeling back the Orange Experience

After landing back in the Lou and reconnecting with my family, dog and laundry I wanted to peel back what I experienced at the Orange Conference last week.

1.  I had opportunity to meet some AWESOME lovers of Jesus who are in the trenches of ministry from all over the world.   Sunday morning a big smile came over my face as I thought about  these incredible people manning their posts in their local church to reach kids and families.    I pray they re-think this incredible assignment God has placed in their hands.   These people are absolute jewels!

2. Less really is more.  I had many conversations with leaders who are realizing that their is more leverage when you refine your message.  It gives way to greater impact.  I was a leader who had 4 different curricula going at 4 different service times.  It was exhausting and helped make silo’s within the ministry.  When we all got on the same page- it was a beautiful thing!  Bigger impact for this glorious Message we share in our ministry.

3.  MOVE that Bus!  People were given 10 simple ways to move forward in ministry.  I asked many leaders what was the big bus in front of their ministry they had to move. They each had one action point in response that the Lord had helped them to see.  It was different for each leader.  But I pray no one goes back and let’s the bus stay parked.  MOVE on what God has called you to do.  Take that step of faith. This Gospel Message is too glorious for common everyday 1950’s Sunday School delivery.  It was great for that time, but let’s present our best gifts in presentation.  Whatever bus is parked- MOVE it.

More to come…


Author: Misty

Orange Specialist and Coach to help leaders think and WIN in strategic ministry. Love to stir the pot and remind leaders and volunteers that what they do is VALUABLE and eternal. Ministry is ALWAYS morphing to present the timeless Message. If not, your stuck!

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