Samuel Clemens in your ministry

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, dream, and discover.” — Mark Twain


Mark Twain’s quote just invites adventure. It stirs me.  I like to think about adventure in life.  But wait!  What if Mark Twain was talking about church? What about adventure in ministry?  If you are a ministry leader, you know about the everyday stuff of ministry responsibilities. Make sure the “t” is crossed and the “i” is dotted.   Get your volunteer spots covered.  Make sure you have the ritz crackers stocked in the nursery.  Get everyone copies of the lessons.  Make your handouts.  Yes, it might be important and keep us busy.   But without strategy- the adventure could be oh-so-common after a short while.   A strategy is the way you weave all into purposeful ministry

What if Mark Twain were in your ministry today.   Okay,  go with me here just for a moment think about it.  I think he would invite some change in the ministry game.  He would help you invite adventure. I think he could make you smile with some wit in a rough situation.  And perhaps he might help keep things in perspective.

When Jesus invited his future disciples to leave all and come follow Him, He knew that adventure was ahead.  Blind would see.  Dead would come alive.  Many fed with a few fish and some bread.   Seems much more exciting that just the fishin’ business.. 🙂  They threw off the bowlines.  They walked away from a safe harbor.

This next week I have the pleasure of being with people who will have HUGE jewels in their crown in heaven.  Imagine the millions of hours invested to touch the lives of kids and families represented at Orange.  People that want to do EFFECTIVE ministry to kids and families.  This could be ministry game changing.  This gospel is too glorious to stay in a safe harbor, and reject the notion of ministry as an adventure. I’m all in to explore, to dream and discover ministry strategies to impact families. The Timeless Gospel never grows cold as we use fresh ways to share it.

Author: Misty

Orange Specialist and Coach to help leaders think and WIN in strategic ministry. Love to stir the pot and remind leaders and volunteers that what they do is VALUABLE and eternal. Ministry is ALWAYS morphing to present the timeless Message. If not, your stuck!

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