It’s Opening Day Orange 2015

Every phase of a child’s life brings challenges.  Every stage is opportunity for Jesus to shine.  Who better than the church to partner with kids and families in each stage of a chid’s life? That’s why we’re super excited about the 2015 ORANGE CONFERENCE!  A family ministry conference like no other on the planet.   Make big plans to bring your ministry leaders.  Early bird gets the worm… aka best prices!  Be a budget hero and snag the opening day price!   Mark your calendar for opening day of registration TODAY,  THURSDAY October 09 with best pricing.  Let this be YOUR year to bring your team to a worldwide ministry gathering of people who love the Lord, and want to impact kids in the little time we have with them.   Each phase in a child’s life is amazing.  DO you lean in ?  Join thousands of leaders from all over the globe gathered to lean in to “It’s Just A Phase” to reach families at Orange Conference 2015.   See you there!

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