The End of 2010

Children’s leaders prepare!  What about the end of 2010?  Have you planned for it?  Part of achieving success in any venture is to know what success will look like.  An example of this  SOME people  desiring to get back into their skinny jeans after the holidays have found it motivational to post a picture where they can see what they looked like before those Christmas cookies.   There is a  target.  No target- no bulls eye people!

My favorite biblical example of how helpful it is to see the END at the beginning was Abraham.   God showed up and changed his name to father of many, yet he had no children.  To keep him looking ahead,  God told  Abe to look at the stars.  The stars equated to number of descendants God said Abraham would have.  Even his new name meant what the future held.  Wonder how many times he had to make himself just go outside and look up.  It must have been many, many times.  But each time he viewed the promise by looking up, God was saying no matter what was going on…plan for the end in mind- and plan for a win!

Kids ministry can be overwhelming.  You can be a victim of a church calendar.  It can feel like juggling plates- just keep ’em going.   I challenge you to BE a person of action this year and stop spinning plates by planning on what you want the ministry you oversee to  look like by the END of this year.   Plan BIG.  Plan for excellence. Plan a big STRETCH.  Plan SO big that by the end of 2010 you will be able to look back and see how faithful God was in His plans.  Lead up.  Look at the stars.