6 Wins for a Family Experience

I had the joy of attending a shared Family Experience at The Crossing in Quincy Illinois this past weekend.  In this quiet Midwest town something wonderful and “no so quiet” is happening.  Each month they host a service where kids bring their parents to learn.   Kids and parents learn together, (did I mention they have 6 campuses?!)   After the service I thought through some of the glaring big wins there.

#1 There will be much more to talk about together because families shared an experience together. Bigger impact with opportunity.

#2 Worship was current, and interactive. When I saw the fourth and fifth grade boys behind me participating-I had to smile.

#3 The volunteers invested to learn their lines. They in turn served many by that offering they made ahead of time during their busy week.  They were energizing and kid focused. The leaders were pumped!

#4 They invited more people in to the serve. I actually had the pleasure to watch a parent ask to sign up to be a small group leader.  They cast vision to join them in so many areas to serve on the weekend.  People who served looked happy to be there and were focused on the arriving families.  The place just looks like a FUN place to be!

#5 Investments were being made in relationships. I walked by a mean foursquare game with a leader and kids during arrival time.   Conversations were happening as they played.  Oh how I love arrival times. It’s a BIG ministry time we often miss.  They lean in to this time!

#6 Their church endorses and promotes the shared family weekends that happen each month at the Crossing.  The pastor pre-recorded a casual welcome video that played 5 minutes before things started. Families knew about upcoming events, upcoming sermon series and what’s happening as their family service launched. Their pastor shared how much they appreciated attending their family service. I sensed everyone knew the door of opportunity a regular shared family experience was. Did I mention they were in their first season of doing this? Big Orange thanks to the team at The Crossing.  You rock!