As Easter Hops Your Way…

Ministry Leaders know that Easter weekend requires all hands on deck.  Kids are pumped about the day’s plans. Parents are planning the food fest following church and joining relatives for more fun. And I know as a leader  you have the challenges of  volunteer schedule conflicts regarding their own family travels and plans. You may even be planning your own family event of Easter at your place!  My pulse is increasing as I write this just thinking about it. I recall the frenzy the week prior both as a Mom of 4, and a leader of CM.

If you’re not careful the day will get away from you.  I recall as a ministry leader thinking late one Easter Sunday evening that I had pretty much lost the meaning personally with all that was really mean.  I had gone through the motions.  With God’s help all was done on the list (and none perished).  But I totally was void of personally taking time to say thank you to my Resurrected Savior.  I believe it happens to way more of us that we’d like to admit.   I call it the  “So busy serving we forget what the serve is about” blues song.  It will wear you out and drain your joy faster than anything.

Smart leaders who carve out personal time to say thanks and rejoice at what the Cross means regarding Easter will have longevity.   I’d recommend doing this before Easter.  Make a date with God.  Maybe it’s Good Friday.  May its great Saturday.  Maybe it’s early Easter morning, but make a date and purpose to be still.  The Hebrew word Selah means to pause and calmly think about in Psalms.  It’s great advice thousands of years old, but in 2014 for a  Ministry leader heading in to Easter it can be a breath of saving grace- the Cross kind you need to do Easter as a ministry leader. It’s all His in the first place.  Draw your strength from the Master to serve families as your church.   Happy Easter.