You need an assistant

I still believe there are no part time leaders in ministry.   If I know you, you are ALL in with more than 20 hours of commitment in what you you do.   If only there were someone else to lend with the limited time you have.  You want to help both your team and your parents WIN!

A brand new tool might be your new BFF!  Affordable for all church budgets and sizes and models.  Seriously, this is quite a piece of work!   Take a moment to see how you can use this tool Orange has developed to help you expand your hours.  It doesn’t matter what curriculum you use in your ministry area. This is to help YOU and your team win and simply work smarter!    This tool even has a  weekly to do list to help you win as you do ministry. Be inspired and fueled with the resources.   Check out  created with YOU the ministry leader in mind.


Time to reThink Handouts

Re Think Your Handouts


A new day has dawned for the church handout paper.  The name says it all.   Hand “outs” not Hand “in’s.  Years ago the odds of a child coming every Sunday to church was in fact a possibility.  Back then, volunteers might ask to return a handout for a prize or a star.  Those days are gone.  Stop!  The average full time attendance for a family is 2 x weeks a month.  Custody issues are as high as 40% in your ministry so many kids can’t be there each week.   With that in mind, you’ve got to re-think the strategy of a paper handout.  It is simply a Cue for parents (like a baton hand off in a team relay) to know what was covered in their child’s ministry area.  It’s a tool for parents to continue conversations as they do life.


What’s driving parents today?  Life.  Work.  Finances.  Pressure.  Relationships. Wait, that seems like the same things as 50 years ago!  Yes, parents today deal with a lot of the same issues as generations past.  What’s in their heart? Love for their kids.  I believe all parents want the best for their kids. Like generations past, someone at church took the time to give parents a prompt to talk more too.   I say we give the copy machine a rest.  It’s been through a lot in the past 50 years.


Let’s re-think about HOW we HANDOUT.  You want impact. Think about HOW it’s delivered.  For most paper handouts, they are lovely décor additions to their back seats where they stay.  It’s time to re think  how to get this info to parents to help them influence their child’s heart.   Leaders today now have a gold mine of ways to share info with parents to be partners with them as families do life.


Handouts 2.0

I give you the Smart phone. Send them an encouraging reminder as they start their week to look for great opportunities to talk about Sunday’s lesson.    Text parents during the week with some encouragement!  Share the Parent Cue app as resource for your families. Its an amazing tool for those who use Orange.   Parents can have everything at their fingertips-  wherever they go-  to talk more about Sunday.  Those moments can happen at any moment.  That’s the beauty of the power of the smart phone.   Parents can use the dentist office waiting room, or waiting to be seated in a restaurant, or bedtime and use the Parent Cue app.  (Check out for some great tools to customize that app for your team to  impact parents and equip your small group leaders).

Lean in to the influence of Social Media.  Your parents know this and are savvy!     Set up a monthly social media plan (on the the 252 Basics Blog each month) to help parents and kids.  Texts can be a ministry tool once or twice a week.  Use the tiles for you’re your church Facebook page.    Super EZ.  Super beneficial.  Point parents to your church website.  Is your site simple and EZ?  Lose all the fancy wording about your ministry.  Focus on impact as they visit your site.  And post quick helpful info please for those busy parents. .  Post handouts and devotionals there each week.  Gather practical helps and ideas right where they are in the pressures of parenting.   That’s partnership.   That’s Handouts 2.0



Heavenly Rewards

Are you part time as a ministry leader?  I was for a season.  I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to be a part time ministry leader when my kids were younger.  There are a lot of ministry leaders juggling work/home. But I’ve come to a conclusion.  For those passionate to reach kids, there’s really no such thing as part time.  You eat, breath and think ministry.

You take things home. You wake up at night thinking how to make a lesson plan even better.  You go to a store and see an item that you could use in your small group time.  You strive to grow your volunteer team. You send texts, notes and pray for team members.  My hunch is that most of this isn’t done while at church.  You search for insights to help improve and develop yourself as a leader. You are nothing short of  full time in the effort you make as you do ministry part time.

Here’s the key to keep before you.  You have a great King you report to who equips you to do much more than you thought  In fact, you can do ALL things through Him (Phil 4:13) All things includes ministry too.  It’s all His anyway.  All your gifts, strengths and leadership.  Draw your strength from Him.  Stay close in prayer. And never stop striving to grow as you lead.