The Thread of Serving…

Got to catch up with some friends I served with in Children’s Ministry.  We have gone on to other endeavors, but we just can’t get away from the thread that’s been woven through all of us.  We served together serving kids.  We did ministry life together.  We have laughed until it hurt, and we have cried together when one was hurting.  We have rejoiced over victories and personal trials with our own families.  There is a common thread there I am SO grateful for.  I never would have known them apart from serving together.  I call them friends.

Initially people sometimes simply come to meet a need by serving.  That’s great!  But many an impression is changed once new volunteers experience the power and cohesiveness of team.  When you team up to serve for the cause of Christ — things happen.  When you include and value new people into that circle of team… connection threads happen.  You gel.  You bond.  It weaves a team together.

In turn, as a leader, you get to both witness this team connection and be the recipient of it. When your team invests in prayer together over needs in kids ministry, it only strengthens the thread.  Being connected through threads of experience is a beautiful thing.  Do a check up on how your TEAM is.  Make sure that people have opportunity to connect and share in each others lives.  Weave new threads.  It can only strengthen the team.

Author: Misty

Orange Specialist and Coach to help leaders think and WIN in strategic ministry. Love to stir the pot and remind leaders and volunteers that what they do is VALUABLE and eternal. Ministry is ALWAYS morphing to present the timeless Message. If not, your stuck!

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