The Currency of Ministry

Sitting around the idea studio table with you today I want to think about currency. We all use it in ministry. No… we’re not handing out pictures of George Washington to volunteers.

Some might think that if your area of ministry has flow like the military- you must have great currency. Being administratively organized is a side issue. Currency is a beautiful thing between leadership and volunteers. It’s built on trust, investment and yield.

High Yield #1: Leaders invest in their volunteers. Together they identify strengths and weaknesses in the serve to make it best suited for that volunteer. When you do that, expect a high yield. Expect your volunteers to be energized because they are serving in their gifting. They want to do more. They bring ideas to improve.

High Yield #2: When you take time to show appreciation to those serving, it is again like currency. Sincere gratitude and value shown to people is an investment you don’t want to ignore. You are adding value and can expect trust to grow long term. Don’t neglect the power of gratitude in the currency of ministry.

High Yield #3 Involving your team in seeking solutions to challenges in children’s ministry invests in volunteers. They are part of a team that is making an impact. We all want to make a difference. Volunteers are a goldmine of ideas that are great. They have the advantage of being on the frontlines. They see what leaders sometimes can’t. Use that currency as much as you can.

Leading a team is that of investment. How’s your portfolio?


What a great weekend for the church. Non church people are willing to give church a try for the sake of the Easter holiday. Ours was packed out with 8 services. The real deal is that you and I know that people were stirred and moved only because of the Holy Spirit in our midst at our churches across the country this past weekend. The Holy Spirit is still prompting those hearts to the Father even as I write. We get opp’s this weekend for those returning. They may be skeptical, but willing to return. START YOUR ENGINES. Get your team around your table to keep the great ideas coming to make these kids/families feel welcome. TUNE your ministry to be friendly. Make it a safe experience emotionally for them. TEST your process’ out and see what doesn’t really seem outward focused. How’s your arrival, departure in your ministry area? I’ve witnessed the crime of saying you’re guest friendly, but actions are totally inward focused to regular attendees. Don’t commit the children’s ministry crime of exclusion. We church people unintentionally good at that.Our system works for the club members. TWEAK it. Tweak it some more! People whom Christ loves SOOOO much are coming back for another weekend experience trial. START your engines and let’s RIDE!


He walked the same earth you walked, yet holds the stars in place. His fingers touched the dirt He made. Wonder what he was thinking when He bent down and touched it? We’re made of that dust and dirt. Humanity. He saw us as valuable and precious despite us turning away.

I love getting to minister to kids because they love things like dirt, looking at stars, etc. They have a sense of wonder. They are in awe at simple things we take for granted. Bugs,leaves,sounds of life. It humbles me to stop and wonder too.

As Good Friday is upon us, I pray we each are filled with the WONDER of the cross and the price paid. Become like a child…

Stepping Stones

In the path of life in ministry there are stepping stones. Some closer than others. The ones in close proximity are easy to see with no real effort to reach. Other times you must strettttch to reach the next stone. And if you ‘ve been on the ministry path for awhile you wonder if there are no more stones to reach for. That’s when you must again declare your dependance on the Path Maker. It’s all about faith and trust. He’s got your area of ministry in His hands. As a leader, your job is to look and listen to the Path Maker.
Ministry is a series of ups and downs on a path, but keeping one foot in front of the other is paramount in moving forward in improving ministry. If your stones are a bit stretched right now, bring others to your studio table and talk about it. It is foolish to think you have it all together. We need each other to pray and help see the next steps to take. Including valued team members to problem solve is a one of the best choices we make. Proverbs says that wisdom comes from many counselors (my paraphrase) Get wisdom. Get guided counsel. Those stepping stones that God is stretching us for will be celebrated better as a team.


I’m cruising down the road listening to a favorite music CD mix that is like a good friend. I was mulling over ways of purposing to be ready to receive guests in Children’s ministry at churches. Music artist Sara Groves echoed the answer in my car. “All the thirsty who heard about living water need a way to the well.”

A way to the well. That’s it. We have guests who are spiritual thirsty parents and kids who cross our ministry. How are they met? Forms, administrative stuff, waiting game? Are we REALLY poised and ready each week time, at each service? Have you purposefully made room at the well with regards to ease and flow? We’ve got to remember what an opportunity is presented when new folks visit. We’ve GOT to keep it simple.
Jesus told the woman at the well that whoever drinks from the living water He offers will never thirst again. Finding Jesus is everything as a ministry goal. It’s THE goal. Registration and greeting families is their first step towards stepping up and making room at the well. You get to make a first impression but once. MAKE IT COUNT. Make it smooooth! Is yours Children’s Ministry over the top friendly and engaging?
Put the top people friendly folks up front. Strong happy people! It’s too important NOT to prioritize who these volunteers are. Walk people through a simple overview to assure them of safety and security. If it was your first time, your kids- what would you think? Impart how valuable their children are to your team.

Parents love it when we love on their kids. They want to know we care. From arrival to dismissal they are watching what’s going on. Instill this in your volunteers. Will you pass the visitor test? Make their entire experience from arrival to dismissal a PRESENT with good PR skills at the forefront. It’s what separates us an average child care to MINISTRY to parents and kids.Get someone to come and experience your ministry and give you feedback on how their experience was. Make it a high priority to change whatever necessary asap to improve your operations in guest relations. They need a way to the well.