Idea Studio Blog: ALL in the Delivery

As I sit at the Idea Studio table today I am thinking about vegetables. Wait. Hear me out.
Even in my adult life there were ‘keep away” signs on some veggies I knew others enjoyed. But after watching the food channel I was perplexed. What’s up with that? Humans who enjoyed sprouts from Brussels, asparagus and spinach actually exist?
What was wrong with these people?
Well, it turns out the joke was on me. I put my game face on. I endeavored to prepare a few of these veggies just like Rachael Ray- and was pleasantly surprised. I am proud to say that even I have grown to love these veggies. So, what changed? The delivery.

It is all in the prep and delivery in ministry. And yes, things always tie into a ministry applications for me. Are you on the look out for new ways to present quality programming that is fresh and delicious to kids? Are you assisting in imparting ideas to your volunteers to keep them cooking? Like veggies, ministry concepts may be good for us, but it is ALL in the delivery. Innovation is the fresh recipe for ministry. It’s about serving up the timeless message of Christ to the next generation.

May a new vegetable be in your future…I dare you.

Let’s dialogue. The idea studio table always has a chair for you to jump in.

Keepin’ it Real on Easter

Spring flowers means only one thing for those in the trenches of ministry to kids… EASTER!

Easter is generally when everybody and their brother tries a little church. We’ve all been gearing up long before April hits to chk programming and somehow anticipate numbers of volunteers needed. But, let’s get a bit personal for a moment, eh? I have been through that weekend and never took time for a moment to embrace what is was to me. I was in leader mode- that Mary and Martha conflict deal. I tend to be a doer, so I can get an A in action and an F in being still. The sad part is that we do it to ourselves… like we have any power to do anything apart from His grace. Not a good place to be.

To all the Martha’s out there…

Carve out time now before the weekend is in full season and ponder the meaning of the cross. Reflect on His graciousness to you. What the resurrection means to you as a follower of Christ, not a ministry person, but a kid of the most High. Read the story for yourself of the account of Jesus’ death and resurrection. It is from Him, through Him, to Him.

Our church has a good Friday experience. The church is open all day, so many can come at their convenience. Their are “stations” if you will , of personal memory for you to experience. It’s accompanied by some great worship. I love that it is kept minimal, but so powerful for leaders and volunteers as they prep to serve. Makes me reflect. Makes me a better leader.


Together is better than alone…

fish aquarium

Together is better than alone…

At times I have been SO focused on a ministry challenge that I forgot the forest for the trees. It can be a lonely feeling.  Pressure is there to come through, whatever the challenge is. If there were just another soul with fresh eyes in the trenches to bounCe ideas off of… to help me “C” things more clearly. Topics like:

Recruiting and keeping A+ volunteers. Easy to say, hard to do and keep it going.
The right Programming to stay fresh. Appreciating the team you have. Staying focused and built up spiritually. How do YOU turn the ship to current effective ministry?
Yikes! SO many of trees in the forest.

OK. Deep breath. What if together we sit down at the idea studio table, grab a coffee and for the sake of the Gospel- bounCe (so we can “C”) solutions off of one another to make ministry to kids and students and leaders the very BEST.

SO…what’s your big hairy audacious challenge in ministry right now? Individually we cannot begin to have all the answers to this gift of ministering, but I invite you to jump in with me to bounCe ideas off of one another and network.


Fishing for volunteers

What’s the biggest success story you have in recruiting “keepers” in volunteering from your side of the table?

Like to bring a question to the table? We’re all ears…